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Captains Egg Dyes

New product


Dyeing eggs is a custom that every year brings the past and the present, the modern and the traditional, closer together. Dyed eggs bring to mind sweet family memories of Easter and often give us the ability to feel, once again, part of our families, our country and our traditions.

Captain’s has released the classic dye series in a new packet that combines modern dyeing methods with a great product and Greece’s long tradition in the ritual of egg dyeing. Captain’s red egg dye guarantees a perfect colour result every time, simultaneously protecting your health (non-toxic).

Each packet contains the following unique gifts for you:

  • a pair of gloves,
  • 4 decals (traditional), and
  • 5 sleeves with lovely images (stickers that shrink around the egg).


All the essential information and instructions can be found on the packet. Dyes 50 eggs.

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